December, 2011

Tightening up Florida liposuction requirements - it's about time!

According to the Sun-Sentinel, there is a bill working its way through Tallahassee which will make some improvements to safety standards for office-based liposuction. Honestly, it's about time! The bill would require liposuction of more than 1000 cc of fat to be done in surgery suites inspected by the state, and would require doctors to have life-support training. Currently, many low-cost providers perform liposuction in unregulated physician offices, and lack ACLS training. I think this is defi...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 12/28/2011 Comments(0)

Happy Holidays!

I'd like to wish our friends, family, patients and staff every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. The best part of this season is remembering those people who make the holidays meaningful. May your holidays be filled with joy and peace. All the best, Dr. Fiala...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 12/23/2011 Comments(0)

More trouble with PIP, the French implant company

Although this doesn't apply to us here in the U.S., you might remember hearing about some troubles with the French implant maker PIP. The news initially broke last year that PIP had been using a cheaper industrial grade silicone in their silicone gel breast implants, rather than medical grade silicone. They were promptly shut down by French regulators. Now, there's some more news... This week, the French health ministry said that these PIP brand implants were much more prone to rupture and leaka...

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals buys Sculptra

In a $425 million deal, Valeant Pharmaceuticals has purchased the dermatology unit of Sanofi-Adventis. For us, this means that Valeant will now be in charge of marketing Sculptra, the facial injectable filler agent. Sculptra is different than other dermal injectable fillers, like Restylane or Juvederm. It stimulates your body to produce some lost collagen, which can gradually improve the quality of the skin and reduce wrinkling and deep hollows. It also lasts up to two years. It's been quite hel...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 12/15/2011 Comments(0)

How can we get upper pole fullness without using breast implants?

Upper pole fullness is the term plastic surgeons use to describe the desired shape of the upper part of a breast. Many women like the look of some upper pole fullness. The challenge for us is how to make this shape during surgery, and have it stay there. Certainly, breast implants are a proven way to get upper pole fullness. Moderate and high profile implants, whether they are saline or silicone gel filled, clearly create that fullness and roundness. I call this "the implant look". Fact is, it i...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 12/10/2011 Comments(0)

Fibrin glue doesn't prevent seromas after tummy tuck

Seroma - a post-operative fluid collection - is the most common complication after a tummy tuck. It happens in about 5-10% of abdominoplasties. Surgeons generally try to prevent this problem by using one of three strategies - suction drains, internal "quilting" sutures or fibrin glue. Each technique has its advocates, and arguments about which technique is best persist at the plastic surgery meetings. So, a comparison study of the techniques was inevitable. In the study I'm reviewing today, publ...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 12/8/2011 Comments(0)

Dr Fiala submits article to Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Observant readers will have noticed that I recently took a little break from blogging- and you're right. I've been working on a manuscript for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which is one of the most respected journals in our specialty... and I just finished it and submitted it to the journal today. Hopefully, with a little luck, the editors will like my paper, and we'll be seeing it in print in a few months! So now, I can get back to blogging about new and cool developments in plastic surgery, a...

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