June, 2010

Implant rotation: a problem for "gummy bear" implants?

In this month's issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , a new report describes a frequent problem with the McGhan style 510 implant: implant rotation. The style 510 implant is not available here in the U.S. market, but is used extensively in Europe. It has a "teardrop" or "anatomic" shape, and is filled with two layers of form stable silicone gel. Some people call this a "gummy bear" implant, due to the thick consistency of this type of gel. In a series of 73 breast augmentations with this...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/29/2010 Comments(0)

Vitamin B12 and folate fail to protect heart in new study

Background: For the last few years, cardiologists have been following a blood test called homocysteine , as a risk indicator for heart and stroke. Previous studies have showed an association between lower homocysteine levels and lower coronary heart disease. However, no studies have yet been able to prove a benefit i.e. less heart disease from interventions which lower homocysteine. This week, in JAMA , the latest study on this topic was published. It was a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-co...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/24/2010 Comments(0)

Chocolate Milk: the new post-exercise drink?

This one sounds almost too good to be true, but it comes from a reliable source, and as a chocolate lover, I just have to pass it on! I'd certainly rather have a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk than an electrolyte-based sports drink after a work-out! Source: MDLinx ************* New research suggests drinking chocolate milk after a workout offers advantages for post-exercise performance and muscle repair BALTIMORE June 2, 2010 – One of the best post-exercise recovery drinks could alread...

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thomas Fiala, MD 6/22/2010 Comments(1)

Tummy tuck or liposuction?

Wanting an attractive tummy is a popular request at our office. But many people are unsure about the differences between tummy tuck and liposuction . The two operations are quite different. Let me explain... To start, we have to evaluate four different layers of the abdomen, and how they each contribute to the appearance of your abdomen. These are: - the skin, - the thickness and distribution of the subcutaneous fat, - the abdominal wall, - internal "visceral" fat. Then, we recommend the most ap...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/17/2010 Comments(0)

Can you be addicted to tanning?

It's controversial, but some new studies suggest there may be people who have addictive behavior patterns when it comes to tanning and the use of UV tanning beds. A recent study published in Archives of Dermatology , by researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the University of Albany, found that 27 percent of college students surveyed have a psychological dependence on tanning in UV-light beds and booths. The researchers suggested that the "tanning addiction" includes symptoms ...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/15/2010 Comments(0)

Can anybody perform liposuction?

When it comes to crowded markets, Southern California has got to be tough for those offering liposuction. There's competition around every corner, it seems. Recently, a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery did a survey of liposuction providers in Southern California, and the results were eye-opening in terms of surgical training and experience. They found that in the 45,000 square mile area encompassing Los Angeles and San Diego, there are 1867 cosmetic practitioners of all backgrounds. -...

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OT: The Longevity Game

Here's a fun little calculator that estimates your expected life span, based on your BMI, driving record, exercise and smoking habits, and so forth. It's from Northwestern Mutual , the life insurance people. I have no business association with them. Click here for link I don't have detailed information on the calculations used, but the initial page suggests that actuarial data was used to model the outcomes. Give it a try and see how your habits influence the numbers... Thanks to Chuck Cooper fo...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/13/2010 Comments(1)

Could tobacco plants give us younger skin?

It's well-known that smoking tobacco ages the skin in an accelerated way. But now, a clever researcher has figured out how to make genetically-altered tobacco plants do something really cool - make collagen , which is the main protein in our skin. And that certainly gets my attention for potential cosmetic uses, even though this technology is at a very preliminary stage. Here's the story, courtesy of Yahoo News.... Will tobacco plants provide the next cosmetic filler? Very possibly, according to...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/12/2010 Comments(0)

Website beauties: models or actual patients?

Nearly all cosmetic surgeons now have glitzy, professionally-produced websites. They typically feature images of beautiful women, showing off toned tummies, sleek silhouettes or fabulous faces. It's the sizzle that sells the steak. We have this on our website too...but there's an important difference. All the ladies you see on our website are our actual patients . They've all had cosmetic surgery performed by me. Most websites instead use what's known as "stock photography", where the web design...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/9/2010 Comments(0)

Congratulations: Grace Medical Home

Once in a while, people get together and do something pretty special. Here's a good example: a team of physicians, nurses and community-minded volunteers have joined together, and after years of planning, have opened a new medical facility in downtown Orlando, to serve low income up to 200% of the federal poverty level or uninsured people needing medical care. It's called Grace Medical Home , and it's located at 51 Pennsylvania Street, near ORMC. They do both adult and pediatric care, and have o...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 6/3/2010 Comments(1)

Dysport: "Love or leave it" challenge extended thru September

Good news for patients who like Botox and Dysport : Medicis, the makers of Dysport, is extending their "Love it or leave it" challenge, which we detailed here, link until the end of September 2010. You can save up to $150 with the promotion, if you qualify for it. According to the company, of the 49,000 people that have tried it, 90% reportedly voted "love it" for Dysport. Of course, that's a corporate press release...maybe they voted that way because of the cash rebate, we'll never know!...

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Questionable "experts" in tabloids

Recently, one of our favorite anesthesiologists brought in a tabloid magazine for our amusement. It features 3 buxom young females on its cover, with the breathless headline "Top 5 Hollywood Plastic Surgeons Tell All". It certainly looks like all 3 ladies have had a little help from their local plastic surgeon. I wasn't particularly interested in the opinions, but I was quite interested to see who was selected as the "Top 5", as these rankings are usually purely arbitrary at best, and completely...

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