March, 2012

Individualized skin care with "PCA SKIN"

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of skin care products at our office - PCA Skin. Their award-winning product line is divided into two parts: daily use products, and their professional-grade peels. What I really like is their individualized approach to skin care. For each common type of problem skin - whether it's "sensitive" or "Acne-prone" or "hyperpigmentation issues", they've hand-picked certain types of products to optimize the skin treatment. So, the most app...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/29/2012 Comments(0)

ATX-101: the new injectable fat-melter

Here's an update on the progress of ATX-101, an up and coming drug which melts fat by injection. We've reported on this previously in our blog, now here's the latest news.... It's like mesotherapy, except with actual science, data and careful clinical testing. In two mid-stage trials, injections of ATX-101 reduced fat deposits under the chin within 16 weeks, researchers said this week at the American Academy of Dermatology's annual meeting in San Diego. Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the manufactur...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/28/2012 Comments(0)

ASAPS 2011 Cosmetic surgery stats are out - part I

Every year, we look forward to seeing the statistics from ASAPS. They act as a barometer, refelcting the total volume of procedures in the U.S., and also help us to identify trends in what's popular, and what's not. Here are some highlights from their report. 1. If you combine the surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, there were over 9 million procedures performed in the United States in 2011. Surgical procedures accounted for 18% of the total number of procedures and nonsurgical procedu...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/20/2012 Comments(0)

Insider espionage: Allergan wins injunction against Merz

Allergan, the makers of Botox, have announced that they recently won an injunction against Merz Pharmaceuticals and Merz Aesthetics. The injunction prohibits Merz from selling Xeomin, a Botox competitor, in the U.S. for 10 months. U.S. District Judge Andrew J. Guilford wrote in his decision that Merz misappropriated trade secrets belonging to Allergan. He wrote, "there is overwhelming circumstantial and direct evidence" that Merz stole the trade secrets and that "Allergan faces a substantial thr...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/15/2012 Comments(0)

Florida Liposuction Safety bill passes!

As part of Florida House Bill 1263, the new liposuction requirements have passed. This means that any physician MD or DO who performs liposuction of more than 1 litre of fat, or any sedation case lasting more than 5 minutes must do so in an accredited surgical facility . Lipo in the back room of a spa, unaccredited medical office, hotel or some other now officially a no-no. This is a legislative victory, as it should improve safety for cosmetic surgery patients in Florida. As we'v...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/13/2012 Comments(0)

FDA approves new silicone gel-filled breast implants

Today, the U.S. FDA gave approval to a third breast implant manufacturer - Sientra - to supply silicone gel-filled breast implants for both cosmetic and reconstructive patients in the U.S. Sientra joins Allergan and Mentor as FDA-approved implant manufacturers. As a condition of approval, Sientra is also required to conduct several ollow-up studies that will assess patient outcomes and safety issues. The FDA based the approval on a three year study of 1,788 patients. Complications and outcomes w...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 3/9/2012 Comments(1)

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