October, 2010

The "Boob Jab" - Macrolane for breast augmentation?

Macrolane is an injectable hyaluronic gel product from Q-Med , the makers of Restylane, which is available in Europe, but not in North America yet. Over there, Macrolane has been tried for body contouring applications, including breast augmentation - hence the catch-phrase "boob jab" for an injection of Macrolane to the breast. In this month's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery online is a preliminary publication ahead of print of a study from Sweden, looking at a 12 month study of 24 women who ...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 10/29/2010 Comments(0)

FDA approves Teflaro - a new antibiotic for MRSA

The FDA has approved ceftaroline fosamil Teflaro , an injectable cephalosporin antibiotic, to treat adults with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia CABP and acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections ABSSSI , including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA . "These are serious and potentially life-threatening infections for which new treatment options are needed," said Edward Cox, MD, of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Ceftaroline Teflaro was evaluated in...

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Could Latisse be used for baldness?

Latisse, the blockbuster product for eyelash growth from Allergan, is now being tested to see if it has any effect on hair growth on the scalp. A clinical study info here is about to get underway, for both male-pattern and female-pattern hairloss. The Phase 1 trial, scheduled to start this month, will focus on the safety of two formulations of bimatoprost, which is the active ingredient in Latisse. We actually tried out this idea at our office for a patient with alopecia who had tried everything...

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New: Cytori PureGraft 250 arrives in Altamonte

I am pleased to report that we are trialling Cytori's PureGraft 250 device. Our goal is to enhance and improve the results of fat transfer procedures with this clever system seen here . The FDA-approved device uses a filtering process, called "lipodialysis" by Cytori , to help clean and filter liposuctioned fat, in order to make it suitable for grafting to other areas of the body. The purified fat is then ready for placement, using a special micro-droplet syringe called the Cytori CelBrush. The ...

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Coming soon: Dr. Fiala's new e-book for prospective patients

I'm pleased to announce that we're in the final stages of getting a new booklet ready for our prospective patients. Tentatively titled " Plastic Surgery 101: what you need to know before your consultation ", the e-book will be provided online free of charge to patients that schedule a consultation with us. It will cover important topics, like: - how to select a plastic surgeon - how to evaluate before & after photos - the importance of Board Certification - what to look for in a surgery cent...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 10/20/2010 Comments(1)

Thread lifts don't work - part 2

In journalism, reporters are always excited when they "scoop" the competition - and report on a story before the other guys. So, I'm pleased to report a bit of a "scoop" here. Last May, we discussed the thread lift technique link here and commented on how it didn't work for very long, and how the results were subtle and short-term at best. Just this week, in the highly respected Yearbook of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery , I see two reports on threadlifts. The authors note that the results are di...

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OT: Congratulations, Rachel

Congratulations to our friend, supermodel Rachel Lynn. This past weekend, the lovely Rachel won Miss Biketoberfest 2010 at Daytona. That makes three years in a row that she's won this competition. Far more than just a pretty face, Rachel has serious plans for a future career in anesthesiology, and is working hard on her med school pre-requisites. Her modelling site is here . But you really see her sense of humor with photos like this one. link Congratulations, Rachel!...

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Seromas and plastic surgery

It's medical terminology time. Today's word is "seroma". Read this, and impress your friends with your knowledge! A seroma is a fluid collection which may show up after surgery. Different than a hematoma, which is a collection of blood within the tissues a seroma is typically a watery, yellow-colored fluid pocket that has accumulated in one main area beneath the skin. Seroma fluid looks a lot like the fluid you would see inside a large blister. Seromas are considered a minor complication - more ...

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Botox approved for migraine headaches

According to multiple reports, the FDA today approved the use of Botox, the wrinkle fighter from Allergan, for chronic migraine headaches. link "Chronic migraines" are those that occur more than 14 days out of each month. Botox has not been shown to work for the treatment of episodic migraine headaches, or for other forms of headache. The Botox treatments are given every 12 weeks, which could get quite costly. I'm sure though, that the people that suffer through the pain, nausea and vomiting and...

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Think Pink! Tomorrow is Pinktober 15th

Attention Orlando! Tomorrow is Pinktober 15th. Show your support for breast cancer patients and survivors by wearing a pink article of clothing. We'll all be wearing something pink here at our office, even me! Tammy, a breast cancer survivor who works with me at the office, has got us all geared up for the day. Maybe we'll even get some photos to post here... Locally, we have some tremendous groups that do a lot for breast cancer advocacy. I'd particularly like to draw your attention to "Women p...

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Thomas Fiala, MD 10/14/2010 Comments(1)

A new skin closure system - "Prineo"

Everyone is familiar with "Crazy Glue". Strong enough to hold a man suspended in mid-air , right? Well, since the 1970's, people have been tinkering with the formula for medical purposes. These days, we've got some decent second generation tissue adhesives, but they're not perfect. Typically, the glued closure isn't nearly as strong as a sutured skin closure, so it's more prone to pop open. And that's not a good thing. Enter "Prineo", from Ethicon. Introduced in Europe a few years ago, it combin...

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Latex allergies and plastic surgery

Allergic reactions to latex are becoming more common. Today, about 3 to 6% of people are found to be allergic to latex...and in the worst case, the reactions can get pretty serious. Prevention , rather than treatment after the fact, is really the key to success. Latex is the milky fluid from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis , found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and South America. In addition to the organic polymer that gives it the characteristic stretchy properties, latex sap also contai...

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The "Stem Cell" facelift

Every so often, a catchy concept comes along, and suddenly, that buzzword is everywhere. The buzz used to be about "laser-this" and "laser-assisted that". Now the popular phrase for plastic surgery is ""stem cells" and in particular, "stem cell facelifts". There was heated discussion about this procedure at the "Hot Topics" portion of the recent Toronto ASPS meeting. Stem cells, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, are a special type of human cell found in bone marrow, fat and other locat...

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Suggest a topic for PSB - reader's choice

OK, readers - here's your chance! Suggest a meritorious plastic surgery topic that interests you - and I will write about it. Submit your suggestions and comments here, please - I'm looking forward to reading them!...

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Allergan's new Latisse promotion

Here's a way to receive up to $100 back from Allergan...but only in selected practices, like ours. It's called the Latisse Real $100 Reward Program . This is for our patients that would like to try Latisse the popular eyelash treatment , and also use either Botox or Juvederm XC with lidocaine . Here's how it works: - have a Botox or a Juvederm XC treatment between now and December 31, 2010, - purchase some Latisse as well, prior to December 31, 2010 - fill out a short form, and mail it in with y...

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New, possibly improved fillers?

At the Toronto meeting, we heard about two new hyaluronic gel fillers that are edging ever closer to FDA approval. These are called "Belotero" and "Prevelle Lift". Like Juvederm and Restylane, they are made from the same basic molecule, the ever-popular hyaluronic acid gel. These new formulations, however, are manufactured differently, with the result being that the properties of the final injectable gel are significantly different. If you were to look at filler gels under a microscope, most HA'...

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Get more out of Sculptra...

Here's a neat little trick, courtesy of Dr. Laurie Casas, which was presented at the "hot topics" part of the ASPS meeting in Toronto: Sculptra users can get a better result if they combine the injectable treatment with the use of Retin-A cream. Dr. Casas explained that, since both products work by stimulating collagen, it made sense to try them together to see if a synergistic additive effect would happen. Her study found that the combination worked especially well for patients younger than age...

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