Zytase, a new trick to make Botox work better / longer?

Longer Lasting Botox?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your Botox or Dysport treatment last longer?  Well, according to OcuSoft, the makers of Zytase, you can – with an easy method.  Simply take their zinc supplement for 5 days.  According to a pilot study off 44 patients, this supplement prolonged the effects of Botox by 20-25%.  Interestingly, people who are zinc deficient don’t seem to get as effective a response to Botox.  Larger studies, however, will need to be done to confirm this preliminary finding.


Since there is little downside to this treatment, I have arranged to have Zytase available in the office if people want to try it out.  It’s inexpensive, compared to a Botox treatment, but you have to start it 4 days prior to your treatment.  So, if you feel your Botox isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to….you might want to check this out.

More information is available at the manufacturer’s website, zytase.com

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