Individualized skin care with “PCA SKIN”

Individualized skin care with “PCA SKIN”

Posted on March 29, 2012
I’m pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of skin care products at our office – PCA Skin.Their award-winning product line is divided into two parts:  daily use products, and their professional-grade peels.

What I really like is their individualized approach to skin care.  For each common type of problem skin – whether it’s “sensitive” or “Acne-prone” or “hyperpigmentation issues”, they’ve hand-picked certain types of products to optimize the skin treatment.  So, the most appropriate cleanser, toner and various active treatments for the skin type are included in each kit.  This really makes a difference in outcomes compared to the “one-size-fits all approach”.

Also, they have a nice introductory or “travel-size” kit, which is quite reasonably priced, as well as the full size kit.  This means you can sample the products to see how they work for you, without a huge investment!

PCA Skin products are formulated using all-natural, technically advance ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin types or people that have recently had a chemical peel or laser treatment.  They do not use animal testing.

So, if you’ve struggled with dry, red skin from previous skin care lines, have rosacea, have acne breakouts, or pigmentation issues – I think you’ll find these products worthy of your attention.

Come and see Kim, our aesthetician, if you’d like more details on the products, or their advanced professional peels.


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