Tummy Tuck Risks and Safety

Tummy Tuck Risks and Safety

Posted on January 18, 2017

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as tummy tuck, is one of the major body contouring aesthetics procedures designed to create a tighter and flatter abdomen. The procedure should ideally be performed by an experienced and fully trained surgeon to minimize the risk of complications. In any case, the patient should know about the potential risks in order […]

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Candidates

Posted on January 3, 2017

Botox, clinically known as botulinum toxin type A, is a safe, concrete, and effective treatment to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines from specific areas. While this FDA approved treatment has a very high success rate and an excellent safety profile, it is critical to choose the right candidates to administer Botox successfully. A […]

Tummy Tuck Procedure Steps

Posted on December 21, 2016

Tummy tuck is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that will involve a series of steps. The steps may slightly vary in each case depending on the specific surgical technique chosen. The surgeon will discuss with the patient about the procedure steps during the initial consultation to keep them informed and help to relieve them of […]

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Posted on December 14, 2016

One of the common aesthetic problems for both women and men today is the accumulation of excess fat and skin in the abdominal area. Poor physical fitness, overweight issues and genetics may cause this condition. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck cosmetic surgery is a proven and effective way to get rid of loose skin and unwanted […]

What Plastic Surgery Procedures make up a Mommy Makeover?

Posted on December 7, 2016

Mommy Makeover Surgery Procedures A mommy makeover is one of the most comprehensive cosmetic surgery procedures for women who want to restore their pre-pregnancy figure. It usually combines multiple aesthetic procedures to achieve an enhanced physical appearance in several areas of the body. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss various procedures that may […]

Your Orlando Area Breast Revision Plastic Surgeon

Posted on November 22, 2016

Breast revision procedure may be required at some point after primary breast implant cosmetic surgery due to medical or aesthetic reasons. It may involve breast implant replacement or removal, and may sometimes require an additional procedure such as breast lift. In many cases, breast revision may be more complex than a primary breast implant surgery. […]

How to Choose the Best Breast Revision Plastic Surgeon in Orlando?

Posted on November 19, 2016

Breast revision procedure is usually more complex than the primary breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. The surgeon’s goal will be to ensure that further recurrence of implant complications is avoided and the patient can enjoy the benefits of breast revision for a fairly long period of time. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Fiala provides a […]

What is Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Posted on November 7, 2016

Breast implant revision procedure may be required at some stage after the primary breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. In most cases, breast revision involves replacement of old implants with new ones. But in a few cases, implant removal may be required, which could be accompanied by breast lift procedure to restore the original breast appearance. Dr. […]

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

Posted on October 28, 2016

Cost is an critical starting point for many women considering a cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast reduction. A dedicated surgeon will discuss the cost aspects in detail and help a patient to make a well-considered decision about breast reduction aesthetic procedure. The patient should feel free to compare costs in light of the quality […]

Breast Reduction Candidates

Posted on October 20, 2016

Breast reduction has emerged as one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years. Women with disproportionately large breasts can restore more proportionate and youthful looking breasts with this surgery. Most women will gain more self-confidence and appreciate their self-image due to an enhanced, aesthetic bust line. At the same time, breast reduction can […]


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