Advances in Breast Lifts

Advances in Breast Lifts

Posted on October 1, 2013

“Benelli lift” or “Circumareolar lift”

Many patients who would like a more uplifted and perky breast shape tell me that they are very worried about a breast lift, due to the surgical scars.  Most women worry that they will need the traditional anchor lift – and that’s not always the case.  Today, I’d like to talk about one type of breast lift, which has a very minimal amount of scars:  the donut lift.  It goes by several names.  You might also hear the terms “Benelli lift” or “circumareolar lift” mentioned by surgeons.
The concept is simple:  limit the scars to just the outside of the areola.  There’s no scar down the front or underneath the breast.  This technique can work nicely for women that have reasonably elastic skin, and only need a small lift, where the nipple position just needs to lift up 1-1.5 inches to look centered properly.  The nipple stays attached, and sensation is preserved.  Only an off-center donut-shaped zone of extra skin is removed. A careful skin closure, with multiple layers of sutures, is then performed.
The Benelli lift works particularly well for women with tuberous breasts or prominent, dome-shaped areolas. (“puffy nipples”)  It is also very effective when combined with a breast implant or with fat grafting to the breast to restore missing breast volume.  There are many examples of this technique in our photo gallery.
Most times, the incision blends in nicely at the edge of the areola, and a nice improvement is obtained.  An internal “purse-string” suture, made of a long-lasting Gortex thread, helps to prevent the new areolar shape from stretching back out, maintaining the lift effect over many years.
If you are thinking about a breast lift, but are worried about the scars, ask Dr. Fiala if this method might work for you.

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