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Brow lifts can improve wrinkled foreheads and correct eyebrows that hang too low and close to the eyes, creating a more youthful, rested appearance to the forehead and eye area and smoothing out deep forehead wrinkles.  They’re like a facelift for the upper third of the face, and are also known as “forehead lifts” and “upper facelifts”.

In the past, an overdone brow lift could give people a surprised or startled look.  Today, Dr. Fiala lifts the brows in a conservative way, to avoid this obvious unnatural and “surgical” appearance.  This is one of those examples of “more is not better”!

There are a number of different surgical methods that can be used.  The choice depends on the patient’s anatomy and where the problem areas are, as well as the patient’s hairline and wrinkle pattern.  Dr. Fiala will advise you about this, at the time of your consultation.  The operations are performed under general anesthesia, provided by one of our skilled MD Anesthesiologists.  Many times, these operations are performed at the same time as a facelift or other facial procedures.

Coronal Brow Lift

A classic brow lift is performed under anesthesia and involves an incision that starts just above the ear level and follows the hairline up the forehead to the next ear, and over the top of the head.   This heals nicely and is easily disguised by typical hairstyles.  Just like in a facelift, the skin of the forehead is lifted, allowing the surgeon to re-position the brows to a youthful position, and reduce wrinkle lines in the forehead and between the brows. After trimming excess skin, the incision is closed, and dressings are applied.

Temporal Brow Lift

For people that just have descent of the outside part of the eyebrow, which is often the first portion of the brow to show aging changes, a temporal brow lift may be a good choice.  There is a small vertical incision in the hair on the side of the head (near the temple region).  The tissues are freed and repositioned.  This is a smaller operation than the coronal brow lift and has a quicker recovery.

Direct brow lift

Skin excisions can be designed to hide in deep forehead wrinkles, or just above the eyebrows.  These methods are sometimes more suitable for men with significantly receding hairlines but are more limited in what they can accomplish.

After the Procedure

You can expect some swelling and some bruising around the eye area during the first few days.  The scalp may feel temporarily tight or itchy.  Dr. Fiala will have prescription medications for you – antibiotics and pain medications to keep you comfortable.

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