Eon – laser for the non-surgical treatment of fat

Eon is a non-invasive, completely external laser device that helps treat excess subcutaneous body fat.  Unlike CoolSculpting, the treatment head never touches you.  A high-tech robotic arm guides the laser treatment head, skimming over the zone that is being treated, while a cooling air jet helps to keep the treatment cool and comfortable at the skin surface.

The device was developed here in Winter Park, Florida by the research team at Dominion Aesthetics – and Dr. Fiala was a part of this exciting work, right from the prototyping stage.  Now, the eon has received its FDA clearances for treatment of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, flanks, back and thighs.  Clinical use is now well underway, nationwide.

Each treatment with eon sees a reduction in the thickness of subcutaneous fat, over about 6-12 weeks.  Each session sees about a 15-20% thickness reduction, depending on the body part.  Treatments can be repeated, for increased effect.

Eon has several advantages over its competitors:

  • Unlike Coolsculpting, there is no risk of developing additional fatty deposits with eon.  And there is no cold, uncomfortable gel to deal with.  No “butterstick” that needs to be massaged after treatment.
  • Unlike Sculpsure, the laser diodes do not rest on the skin, becoming uncomfortably hot.
  • Unlike RF-assisted liposuction, eon does not require a trip to the operating room!

Some of Dr. Fiala’s published papers on this topic can be viewed here and here.

More details & patient photos coming soon….



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