ThermiTight RF Neck Lift

ThermiTight neck lift Before and After

Photos courtesy of ThermiTight

ThermiTight RF Neck Lift in Orlando, Florida

Do you have a little loose skin on your neck?  But it’s not bad enough to require a full surgical facelift or neck lift?  You might be interested in the ThermTight RF neck lift.

This minimally invasive procedure can firm and tighten mildly lax neck skin, with a 30-40 minute procedure performed under local anesthesia.  No big incisions.  No prolonged downtime.

Carefully controlled tissue heating with the FDA-approved Thermi RF energy probe is the secret.  The probe, about the size of a small liposuction cannula, is passed beneath the areas of loose skin, heating the dermis directly to cause tissue shrinkage. The energy goes right to where it needs to go.

Recovery is easy – most patients don’t need anything stronger than Tylenol.  While some changes can be seen right away, full results take about 12 weeks to become apparent.

While the ThermiTight neck lift doesn’t replace a surgical neck lift, it’s a new option for patients who just want a “little something” done, but aren’t ready yet for a major surgical procedure.

What’s the difference between ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth?

While both treatments use the ThermiRF energy source, the ThermiTight uses a probe that goes underneath the skin with a surgical approach, while the ThermiSmooth is a skin surface treatment performed by our aesthetician, with a wand that moves over the top of the skin.

Which one would be better for me – ThermiTight or ThermiSmooth?

The ThermiTight procedure is the more powerful of the two.  An in-person consult can help determine which is best for you.


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