Breast Augmentation Surgery Options

Heredity, hormones, health, lifestyle, and gravity will affect the way your breasts take shape and change over the years. We can help you with a variety of options tailored to your needs.

For patients who are seeking breast implants, Dr. Fiala is pleased to offer a variety of implant types from all of the FDA approved manufacturers for the ultimate in choice.  And while there are many choices, ranging from cohesive gel (“gummy bear”) style implants to structured saline implants – Dr. Fiala will help you sort out the options.  We use smooth-surface implants exclusively.

For women that struggle with an over-large and heavy breast size, a breast reduction is a great option.  These are possibly some of the happiest patients in plastic surgery, as the operation opens a new chapter for them!

A breast lift can make the shape of a breast youthful again and doesn’t necessarily mean adding an implant.  Ask us about the short-incision styles of breast lift!

And Dr. Fiala has a great deal of experience in revisionary surgery of the breast.  Ask us how we can help.

We offer a variety of breast enhancement cosmetic procedures including:


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