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Facial Procedures

Whether the signs of aging occur over time or are hastened by the Florida sun, do you ever wonder if your face could look fresher and younger with cosmetic surgery?  Dr. Fiala offers a variety of procedures for the eyes, face, cheeks, and neck that can help you look younger and feel more youthful, while still maintaining the natural characteristics of your facial appearance.  Dr. Fiala is Fellowship-trained in advanced methods of facelifting, featuring the multi-vector SMAS-platysma facelift.

Secret of an Excellent Facelift

The secret of an excellent facelift is two-fold.  Firstly, even though it’s called a “face” lift, the surgeon aims to get a nice correction of the neck, with correction of loose skin and neck banding.  Treat the jowl area effectively, making a smooth and youthful jawline. And get the “apple of the cheek” back up to where it was during youth, softening the nasolabial crease, which runs from near the nostril, diagonally towards the corner of the mouth.  Secondly, avoid the tell-tale giveaway signs of obvious facial surgery.  Avoid the overpulled, windswept look.  Avoid an overly-wide pulled mouth or eyebrows that are too high or arched.  Don’t leave widened, obvious scars or pulled earlobes.  How?  These issues can all be avoided by attention to the details of incision placement, use of a SMAS flap and careful attention to the level of tension on the skin during the surgical closure.  Dr. Fiala understands this.  A good facelift should be undetectable at conversational distance, once healed.

A master surgeon once said, “Good plastic surgery whispers.  Bad plastic surgery shouts out its presence.”

Face procedures we offer include:

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