Allure Magazine’s 11 most overrated cosmetic procedures

Allure Magazine’s 11 most overrated cosmetic procedures

Posted on April 1, 2013

Allure Magazine’s senior editor, Ms. Joan Kron, recently published an article called the “11 most overrated cosmetic surgery procedures”(link), and I thought this was well worth commenting on.  Ms. Kron has received several awards from our plastic surgery societies for journalistic excellence in covering our field – so her articles are always worth a read!

Here are her picks – the cosmetic procedures where the downsides, risks or simply the lack of proven benefit based on scientific data – make the procedure of questionable value.  I’ve added my comments to each one. Drum roll, please…..

1.  Vampire Facelift – There’s no good science to support this treatment as being beneficial.  I don’t perform it, even though Ms. Kardashian and others celebs like it. (link)

2.  Laser Liposuction – There’s no study showing it’s actually better, results-wise, than regular liposuction.  But the trademarked name sure sounds cool, doesn’t it?  It’s certainly not minimally-invasive, as often advertised.  While some surgeons are enthusiastic about it – typically those who have bought the machine and have to make the payments on it – others say it causes more scar tissue, and makes further liposuction more difficult.  I’m in this second group – so I use Power Assisted Liposuction, which has a proven track record.

Recently, Cynosure, the manufacturer of SmartLipo is promoting a modified version of SmartLipo for use in the face called the “lazerlift”.  Don’t do it!  There’s a whole blog post coming on this bad idea!

3.  Stem Cell Facelift – The New York Times just did an article on this (link).  Most doctors that offer a so-called stem cell facelift are really just doing standard-issue fat transfer to the face.  Since 1% of the fat contains stem cells, they use the “stem-cell” buzz word.  Very misleading.

4.  Sculptra and Artefill for the lips – These products are designed for the cheeks and other areas where they can be placed deep in the tissues.  In the lip, they will cause lumps for sure.  And did I mention that these are permanent lumps?

5.  Silicone Cheek Implants – Pretty much made obsolete by our injectable products and fat grafting techniques.

6.  Ulthera – Very subtle ( i.e. hard to see) results, painful to have done.  Current treatment protocol is “under revision” by the company.

7.  Fat Injections To The Breasts – Here’s one topic where I disagree with Ms. Kron.  I think that this really is a useful technique, for both augmentation and reconstructive purposes.  It’s certainly more expensive and more time consuming than a breast implant, and gives a different, more natural looking result than an implant.

8.  Brachioplasty – The issue here is the scar, that typically goes from  armpit to elbow.  This can be a great procedure for massive weight loss patients, especially with our posterior scar technique.  It’s not good, however, for someone who just needs a little improvement of a basically normal arm silhouette.

9.  Buttock Augmentation with Implants –  These are really only used if the patient is not a candidate for fat transfer to the buttock, also called the Brazilian Butt Lift.

10.  Zerona Lipo Laser – Essentially this is like shining a few laser pointers on your skin and expecting there to be fat loss.  I am still surprised that this gadget got FDA approval.

11.  Foot Lifts – My scrub tech, Lindy, says “no go on toe lipo”.  Or cosmetic foot surgery.  I agree!

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