Body Contouring and Pre-Op Weight

What is the Best Weight to Be at for Body Contouring Surgery?

A number of scientific studies have looked at the relationship between the risks of performing a body contour surgery (like a tummy tuck, thigh lift, butt lift, or liposuction) and pre-operative weight. All of these have found that the risk of both surgery and anesthesia increases significantly with body weight.

Since Dr. Fiala wants you to successfully get through the surgery as safely as possible, we have adopted some guidelines in our practice, based on the published research.  Additionally, pre-op weight loss may allow for more skin removal at the time of surgery, giving you a better cosmetic result as well!  If your BMI is above 28-30, we may suggest some pre-operative weight loss – which we can help you with – prior to performing any body contouring.  The BMI chart is shown here.

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