Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Implants

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Implants

Posted on January 17, 2014
With more emphasis in pop culture on the shape of the derriere, more patients are coming to see us about the idea of buttock augmentation.  One of the most common questions I hear is:  Which is better – the brazilian butt lift or buttock implants?
While both methods can work, for patients that have a reasonable amount of fatty tissue that we can borrow, the brazilian butt lift – also known as fat transfer to the buttock –  clearly wins.  Here’s why:
  • you get the twin benefits of buttock enhancement and the slimming effect of liposuction of the waist, abdomen, thighs or wherever the fat is taken from
  • fat grafting, when performed by experienced plastic surgeons, is a safe procedure and has a lower complication rate than buttock enhancement with solid silicone implants
  • contouring of the buttock is much more flexible with fat grafting.  When a buttock implant is used, there are a limited number of sizes and shapes.  You are also limited about what size of implant can fit in an intra-muscular pocket.
  • Post-op recovery is more painful with buttock implants.
  • Some complications, like migration of the implant, capsular contracture, or wound separation – can only happen when solid buttock implants are used.  They can not happen with the fat injection technique, as the surgical method doesn’t involve making an incision and a large pocket.  Since fat transfer uses your own tissue, there is no risk for capsular contracture.
That being said, there is one group of patients who do better with buttock implants:
  • patients that don’t have enough fat to graft, and can’t or won’t gain weight
Additionally, fat grafting to the buttock does have a downside.  Sometimes that fat that is transferred may not survive the move, and may melt away.  A second fat transfer procedure may be required to optimize the size and shape of the buttock.. But that is usually much easier than the revision of a buttock implant.

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