Breast Implant Replacement Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Posted on March 5, 2023

Breast Implant Exchange 

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery basically refers to the revision or correction of previous breast implants for those who want to improve their previous outcome or who are facing unforeseen complications such as rupture, rippling, deflation or other problems with their previous breast augmentation surgery.

There are a lot of options here:

  • changing implant size
  • changing implant profile (shape)
  • changing implant position
  • correction of ripples
  • releasing capsule tissue
  • suture closure of a stretched pocket
  • fat grafting
  • using ADM for tissue padding or recurrent capsule issues
  • scar revision
  • breast lift adjustment

Thus, the surgical plan is very individualized for each patient.

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Why you need to see before and after pictures

Making the decision to go in for surgery is a big one. One important step in deciding one way or another is to look at the before and after pictures of those who have undergone the procedure to get a clear idea on what you can expect.

A skilled plastic surgeon would make sure that the surgical plan addresses the majority of fixable issues in a safe and sensible way.  The surgeon should also explain what anatomic factors are difficult to change, and what to expect afterwards.

It is a good idea to find a surgeon that you are completely comfortable with and to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable about your decision. This surgery is suited to women who have had their previous  surgery at least six months prior and also have realistic expectations about the outcome.


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