Breast Reconstruction Surgery Risks and Safety

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Risks and Safety

Posted on August 3, 2018

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a complicated procedure. Similar to any other surgical procedure, breast reconstruction also involves certain risks.
During the pre-operative consultation process, the surgeon will explain the possible risks associated with the procedure to the patient to enable her to make a well-considered choice.
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Short-Term Risks

Poor Response to Anesthesia
The surgeon will usually perform the breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery with the patient under general anesthesia. Patients who have heart, circulation or nervous system related pre-existing medical conditions are at a higher risk for developing complications.
The patient should unhesitatingly discuss her entire health history with the surgeon so that proper decisions can be made. The usual side-effects after the patient gain consciousness are dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision.
Every surgery has an inherent risk of infection, including breast reconstruction surgery. The surgeon will prescribe antibiotic drugs to prevent or treat infections. The patient should reach out to her surgeon promptly if there is a persistent infection following the reconstruction procedure.
Some signs of infection after this surgery are excessive redness or color change around the breast incision, discharge of pus or fluid from the site of the surgery, or high fever. Maintaining a sterile environment can mitigate infection risks.


The patient may face a heightened risk of bleeding during or after the reconstruction procedure if she has a history of bleeding or is currently taking blood thinners or other drugs that can impact blood clotting.
The surgeon will instruct the patient to not use specific medicines for a minimum of two weeks before the surgery to mitigate the risk. The patient should contact their surgeon immediately if she experiences excessive bleeding during the recovery phase.

Long-Term Risks

After a breast reconstruction surgery with implants, the patient may experience complications because of deflation, capsular contracture, damage to the implant, or leakage at any stage. Complications with the flap technique involve a more extended recovery period and blood clotting.
Patients should evaluate their options cautiously and choose the most appropriate surgical technique in discussion with their plastic surgeon. Sometimes patients may experience vascular complications in the long-run such as:

  • Restricted flow of blood to the reconstructed breast
  • Relocated tissue failure which leads to dead tissue
  • Decreased abdominal strength
  • Weakness in the arm, back or shoulder


The scarring will differ based on the breast reconstruction techniques used. In flap reconstruction, the patient will experience more scarring than in an implant reconstruction procedure as each of these techniques involves distinct incision sites.
In the flap reconstruction technique, scars may develop in donor sites such as the navel, back, abdomen, buttocks, or another region along with the breasts and nipples. But a skilled surgeon will manage to keep the scars in discreet locations.
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