Breast Reduction Candidates

Breast Reduction Candidates

Posted on October 20, 2016

Breast Reduction Candidates | Orlando | Altamonte Springs Medical SpaBreast reduction has emerged as one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years. Women with disproportionately large breasts can restore more proportionate and youthful looking breasts with this surgery. Most women will gain more self-confidence and appreciate their self-image due to an enhanced, aesthetic bust line.
At the same time, breast reduction can provide relief from physical discomfort and strain that is typically associated with heavier breasts. Women can choose to wear any types of clothes and freely perform various exercises, sports activities and bending movements. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Fiala provides breast reduction to patients in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and surrounding communities.  

Who is a Good Candidate?

Any woman who is bothered by the awkward appearance of pendulous, overly large breasts, or finds limitations in performing certain types of tasks and activities or wearing tighter clothes may be a prolific candidate for breast reduction cosmetic surgery. A lot of women also choose this procedure to get permanent relief from pain in the neck, shoulder or back caused due to oversized breasts, or skin irritation and rashes in the breast crease.  
The surgeon will consider the patient’s age and determine whether full breast development has occurred before recommending breast reduction. However, there may be a few exceptions to this rule if the patient is experiencing persistent or severe pain and discomfort due to very large breasts.
The candidate should be free of any cancerous tissue in the breasts, and if necessary, the surgeon may order specialized mammograms in a few cases. A fantastic candidate should ideally not have any future plans for breastfeeding because the surgery will remove several of the milk ducts that connect to the nipples. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Fiala receives patients from Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and nearby areas for breast reduction.

Candidates for Standard Breast Reduction

Standard breast reduction procedure involves an anchor pattern incision. This is more suited for women with excessively large breasts. The technique allows for the removal of a relatively higher amount of fat tissue and skin than other breast reduction techniques.
A woman who has dense breast tissue, more glandular tissue than fat, and someone who has not yet reached her menopause may also make a suitable candidate for standard breast reduction surgery.

Candidates for Vertical Incision

Vertical incision breast reduction candidates will be women who have moderate to large sized breasts. These candidates may choose breast reduction either for cosmetic reasons or to get rid of the frequent pain and movement limitations associated with the large breasts.
The vertical incision technique will involve lesser amount of breast tissue and skin removal than standard breast reduction surgery. But glandular and fatty tissue would still be removed in this procedure.

Candidates for Fat Tissue Reduction

Some candidates may have very little glandular tissue in the breasts, but an excess amount of fat tissue. These candidates may be ideally suited for scar-less breast reduction surgery, which involves only liposuction to minimize excess fatty tissue. This is a less invasive procedure and involves an easier and faster recovery than other techniques.
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