CoolSculpting Recovery Time

CoolSculpting Recovery Time

Posted on December 20, 2017

CoolSculpting Recovery Time | Orlando Medical Spa | Altamonte SpringsOne of the most appealing factors that has placed CoolSculpting among the top fat reduction body contouring procedures is that it does not involve cosmetic surgery as well as no specific recovery time. Dr. Thomas Fiala of Fiala Aesthetics Plastic Surgery is a board certified plastic surgeon providing CoolSculpting to patients in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and surrounding locations in the terrific and popular state of Florida.

Immediately after CoolSculpting

While CoolSculpting will not hinder the patient’s ability to resume their normal routine immediately after the treatment session, the patient should be aware of some minor side effects that may occur after the treatment.

  • The treated sites may feel or look a little stiff with temporary whitening of the skin.
  • The patient could experience mild dizziness or nausea for a few minutes as the body warms up after the intense cooling process and sensation returns.
  • As the applicator is removed, some redness may be seen in the affected area. This is an expected, transient effect after CoolSculpting.
  • Mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness may occur in a few cases after the procedure. This will typically resolve in a week or two.
  • On the first day, the patient may complain of a slight tingling, cramping and stinging in the treated sites.
  • Temporary dulling of sensation may occur in some cases.

These transient side effects normally do not require any specific treatment. Many patients, in fact, schedule their CoolSculpting treatment session during their lunch hour from work, and simply return to their workplace after the session. There are no restrictions on movement, eating or drinking after the procedure.  

Days after CoolSculpting

Following a CoolSculpting session, the initial side effects will improve within a few hours to a few days. However, if the patient suffers from persistent redness, pain or swelling beyond 15 days, or the symptoms worsen with time, they should contact the treatment provider.
First Two Weeks
Mild side effects are expected in most cases, which would resolve in about two weeks or less. But some patients may experience bruising that could take two to four weeks to disappear. Mild numbness in the treated areas may occur, which will gradually improve on its own. In some cases, this numbness could last for as long as eight weeks.
Within the first two weeks, the treated fat layers will gradually begin to get thinner after CoolSculpting. In about two to four months after the procedure, optimal results are seen. Most patients will experience noticeable and measurable fat reduction during this period.
After the Second Week
Although the patient will start feeling happier with their improving contours, with the fat bulges in the treated sites becoming slightly smaller and smoother, but some discomfort and numbness may persist in the third and fourth weeks.
New sculpted contours in the treated sites will become more conspicuous from the second month to the fourth month, and post-treatment symptoms will almost entirely disappear. Outstanding and fundamental plastic surgeon Dr. Fiala of Fiala Aesthetics Plastic Surgery receives patients from Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and other neighborhoods and suburbs in this area of the southeast for CoolSculpting.
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