Dr. Fiala’s OR aces AAAASF inspection

Dr. Fiala’s OR aces AAAASF inspection

Posted on November 6, 2011
Having a top-quality office surgery center like we do means that, every third year, there is a detailed and thorough inspection process that must be passed to retain our certification.  An independent inspector, typically another plastic surgeon, is assigned to check our facility with a long checklist of safety and quality standards.  It’s a big deal, and one we take very seriously.We had this inspection yesterday.  A great deal of time and effort on our part went into preparing for it…and believe me, we were ready.

So, I’m very pleased to report that we achieved a score of 100% in each of the 10 separate categories evaluated.  A big “Thank you” to my staff for a job well done!!

This brings me to my second point of this blog entry.  As a patient, it’s important to choose a facility that has gone through and passed this rigorous process, and maintains an up-to-date certificate.  Then you will know that they have the safety equipment, training, facility standards and protocols in place to protect you during your surgery, and in case of the unexpected.

There are only 3 organizations that are accepted nationally – and all have long acronym names.


We’re certified by AAAASF.  Check for the certificate – it should be proudly on display at the hospital, surgery center or office OR.  If it’s not there…then you shouldn’t be, either!


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