Fat Grafting can Reduce the Appearance of Breast Implant Rippling

Fat Grafting can Reduce the Appearance of Breast Implant Rippling

Posted on July 3, 2015

Fat Grafting 

Breast augmentation currently ranks as the second most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedure in the US after liposuction. Thousands of breast implant procedures are performed every year in the country with outstanding results. However, in some cases, breast implants may develop post-op complications at any stage. One of the common complications is implant rippling.
The rippling effect can have an adverse impact on the breast aesthetics and overall appearance. A splendid plastic surgeon will usually recommend fat grafting procedure to reduce the appearance of rippling effect on the implant. Fat grafting is a less invasive procedure as compared to breast revision surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Fiala receives patients from Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and surrounding areas for this procedure.



If the patient insists on choosing breast implants that are oversized for her breast anatomy, or the surgeon makes an error of judgment in such a choice, it can lead to stretching of the breast tissue. If the tissue turns out to be inadequate in covering the implant, rippling may occur in the implant. Implant rippling can be addressed by replacing the compromised implants with new silicone implants. However, breast replacement is a major procedure involving complications and high costs.
Instead of undergoing a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast revision, the patient may choose fat grafting procedure as a simpler and more efficient alternative. It is possible to add coverage and volume to the existing implant with fat grafting. The procedure will not fix the implant rippling condition, but it will make the effect substantially less conspicuous.

Fat Grafting Technique

One of the best benefits of fat grafting technique is that it allows for the placement of extra fat precisely in the desired location spots. Fullness and shape of the rippled implants can be improved when the harvested fat cells are placed over them. Women who have a relatively thin body profile can be outstanding beneficiaries of fat grafting and they typically have a higher risk of implant rippling.
The technique involves building of a type of padding over the rippled implants that causes thickening of the breast tissue. Upper pole of the breasts is volumized, which allows for better coverage of the underlying rippled implant. Marginal imbalances between the two breasts may also be rectified with fat grafting.

Choosing the Right Surgeon 

Fat grafting may appear to be a rather simple procedure because it is less invasive in nature, but the fact is that it is a highly sensitive technique. Consistent looking outcomes can be achieved only when the procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Every component of the procedure from fat harvesting to fat purification to fat grafting is going to have an impact on the final outcome. Dr. Fiala provides this procedure to patients in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and nearby locations.
Even when this procedure is performed by a highly skilled surgeon, some amount of fat loss will occur during harvesting. However, the loss can be minimized in order to reduce the number of grafts required. An expert surgeon will be able to ensure that at least 70 to 90% of the injected fat survives.

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