How Can GalaFLEX™ Mesh Improve Your Breast Lift Results

How Can GalaFLEX™ Mesh Improve Your Breast Lift Results

Posted on January 11, 2024

Have you ever been bra or bikini shopping and become frustrated by what you see in the mirror? Maybe you find yourself trying to stuff excess skin into your bra or wondering when you suddenly became one of those ladies whose breasts seem to be rapidly migrating south.

Surgeon marks patient for breast lift

While changes to your body seem to be a constant adjustment, you don’t need to settle for breasts that have…settled. Innovations in breast lift methods make it easy to restore your breasts to their former glory and help your results last longer.

Breast Lift Terminology

  • Mastopexy: The clinical term for a breast lift, a mastopexy lifts, reshapes, and tightens your breasts.
  • Inframammary fold: Also called the inframammary crease, this is where your breast meets your chest.
  • Breast ptosis: This term is used to describe drooping breasts. Breast ptosis occurs over time due to changes in breast size, loss of collagen and elastin, and the effects of age and gravity. There are degrees of breast ptosis measured by where your nipple sits in relation to your inframammary fold. First-degree breast ptosis is when your nipple is even with the fold, second-degree breast ptosis is when the nipple sits below the fold, and third-degree breast ptosis is when your nipple points downward.

Types of Breast Lifts

There are several types of breast lifts, all of which can be performed alone or enhanced with breast augmentation.

Donut Lift

A donut lift is used for women who only need a minor lift or want to reduce their areola size. The incision encircles the areola only, so scarring is minimal and hidden by the areola. This type of lift is often combined with breast augmentation. While this mastopexy operation has the shortest scars, it has the weakest amount of lifting power.

Vertical Mastopexy

A vertical mastopexy combines the circular incision of the donut lift with an additional incision from the areola to the crease of the breast. This type of breast lift—often called a lollipop lift—addresses moderate sagging.

Anchor Lift

An anchor lift is used in cases where there is significant breast sagging or a lot of extra skin in the lower half of the breast. This lift removes excess or stretched-out tissue and lifts the breast back into a more youthful position. It uses the incision technique of the lollipop lift and adds another incision along the inframammary fold, creating a scar in the shape of an anchor or an inverted T. While it has the longest incisions, it is also the most powerful of the lifts.

How GalaFLEX™ Mesh Is Used in Breast Lifts

GalaFLEX™ Mesh is an absorbable mesh that is used as a surgical “scaffold” – adding extra support to the breasts during a lift. Some women have very stretchy skin, which may be why the breasts became droopy in the first place, and despite a well-done lift operation, the early postoperative shape doesn’t stay as lifted and perky as we might hope.

To help support the weight of the lifted breasts, Dr. Fiala can use the GalaFLEX™ Mesh. Described as an “internal bra,” the GalaFLEX™ Mesh is placed inside the breast. You are unlikely to feel it. The GalaFlex material is made of absorbable suture material with a long safety track record. It is very different than the old-fashioned hernia meshes used in the past.

Over the course of 12 to 18 months, GalaFLEX slowly dissolves and is safely absorbed into your body. It leaves behind a thicker, stronger layer of collagen where the mesh used to be, which translates into stronger, more lasting breast support.

GalaFLEX™ Mesh is also an option for breast lifts with augmentation. The additional foundation provided by the mesh helps support the weight of your breast implants.

Advantages of Using GalaFLEX™ Mesh for Breast Lifts

As you age, collagen production in your body declines. You still produce collagen, but at a slower rate, and the production can’t keep up with the skin thinning and stretching that continues with time and gravity. The GalaFLEX™ Mesh helps to create new collagen wherever it is used, which helps maintain your newly formed breast shape and the stability of your results for longer. Studies show the reinforced skin with GalaFLEX is three to five times stronger than the existing unreinforced tissue, which helps to extend your mastopexy results.

Learn More About Breast Lifts in Orlando

If you are struggling with sagging breasts and are ready to get them lifted and shaped into a more beautiful contour, Dr. Fiala can help. His skill and expertise in breast lift procedures make him the optimal choice for mastopexy surgery in Orlando.

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