How Does the Keller Funnel Contribute to Safer Breast Augmentation?

How Does the Keller Funnel Contribute to Safer Breast Augmentation?

Posted on October 11, 2023

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If you’re considering breast augmentation, you’ve probably researched the procedure, including its associated risks. What you might not know is that innovations in plastic surgery are happening all the time, as surgeons design processes and devices to do everything from streamlining your surgery to making it more effective.

The Keller Funnel is one of these creations. This FDA-approved device aids in breast augmentation surgeries, helping to make it more safe by protecting patients from complications.

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How Does the Keller Funnel Work?

The Keller Funnel is a soft, cone-shaped device that resembles a sterilized plastic pastry bag. Its purpose is to provide a “no-touch” transition of your breast implant from the packaging to your breast pocket.

During your breast augmentation procedure, the tip of the Keller Funnel is inserted into the breast incision. The silicone implant is then gently transferred into the funnel directly from its original packaging, completely untouched. From there, your surgeon carefully squeezes the implant into the breast pocket. The funnel is coated with a lubricating substance so that the implant slides easily from the funnel into your breast pocket.

Now that you know how the Keller Funnel works, find out how it contributes to a safer breast augmentation.

Reduced Risk of Complications

One of the most common complications after breast augmentation is capsular contracture, a condition where the scar tissue around your breast implant hardens and contracts around the implants, making them hard, distorted, or even painful.

Capsular contractures are believed to happen for several reasons. One current hypothesis to explain this occurrence is known as the “biofilm theory.”

Here’s how it may work:

Normally, there are some bacteria that live harmlessly inside the breast, and there’s always a potential to introduce more into the breast pocket during any surgery. A biofilm occurs when those bacteria coat the implanted device despite our carefully chosen antibiotic usage. This thin biofilm layer is then theorized to cause a very low-grade chronic inflammation around the implant, but it never rises to a clinically recognizable level of “infection” or causes any symptoms.

According to the theory, the low-grade inflammation then gradually triggers capsule formation. The end result is capsular contracture, which isn’t directly dangerous to your health but may require breast implant revision surgery to treat an abnormally firm breast.

While scientists are still working to confirm the biofilm hypothesis, the Keller Funnel eliminates contact with any surfaces that may possibly have bacteria on them. The funnel makes it so the implant never touches your skin or your surgeon’s gloves, significantly reducing any risk for infection and capsular contracture. Early studies seem to show an improvement in capsular contracture rates when the Keller funnel is used.

Less Stress on the Implant Shell

One rare but possible complication is the rupture of your silicone breast implant, but the Keller Funnel helps reduce even this slight possibility. Silicone implants are highly durable, and breaks usually only occur due to chest trauma, like a car accident.

Prior to the adoption of the funnel technique, silicone breast implants used to be placed by the surgeon manually pushing them into the breast pocket with a finger, poking and prodding the shell until the implant is situated correctly. Exerting enough force to push the implant into the pocket and adjusting its position can potentially weaken the implant shell, putting it at risk for rupture at a later time. However, using the Keller Funnel significantly reduces that risk.

With the use of the funnel, the force needed to insert the implant into the breast pocket is reduced by 95%. This keeps a silicone implant free from stresses on the implant shell and lessens the potential for a rupture.

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