"Is it worth it?" – the 2011 edition

"Is it worth it?" – the 2011 edition

Posted on January 11, 2011

Plastic Surgery advice site RealSelf.com keeps a consumer-generated list of procedures, rated by whether or not the consumer felt they were “worth it” or not. (link) While it’s not scientific, it’s a good reflection of how consumers feel about things.
Here are the top five plastic surgery procedures (most worth it), as of today:
#1) “mommy make-over” – 94% approval
#2) lower body lift – 93% approval
#3) tummy tuck – 90% approval
#4) breast implant revision – 89% approval
#5) breast reduction – 87% approval
(Editors note: gastric bypass was rated tops overall, but since it’s a bariatric surgery operation, I didn’t put it on this list.)
List below are some of the “least worth it” procedures, according to the users of Realself.com
#138) “portrait” skin resurfacing – 11% approval
#137) thread lift – 22% approval
#136) blue peel – 25%
#135) ProFractional Laser – 25% approval
#134) silicone injections
#131) VelaShape – 28% approval
#128) Zerona fat reduction – 32% approval
No surprises in this rogues’ gallery. Although we used to use the Blue Peel, we now prefer the VI Peel. Works just as well for light to medium strength peeling, and you don’t have a blue tinge to your skin for the first few days!
I’m now participating in the discussion panels over at RealSelf.com, answering common patient questions. Hopefully, prospective patients will find these answers helpful, in addition to all the educational material on our own website. Here’s the link…
Q & A with Thomas Fiala, MD:

View all answers from Thomas Fiala, MD on RealSelf.com


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