OT: Breast implant saves Russian woman from stabbing

OT: Breast implant saves Russian woman from stabbing

Posted on October 7, 2011

Pravda, the famous Russian newspaper, reports an offbeat story: a 40-year old Moscow woman was saved from certain death by her breast implants.

She had been attacked by her former husband, with a knife, after an argument got heated. He apparently tried to stab her in the heart, but the knife got stuck in the middle of her silicone gel breast implant! Interestingly, she had the “gummy bear” style cohesive gel implant (available in Europe, but not here in the USA) – and the implant contents did not leak, but maintained its original shape. According to the surgeons, the knife did not even enter the thorax.
The woman went to her friendly neighborhood plastic surgery clinic again after the fight and had her damaged breast implant replaced with a new one.
Ironically, it was her husband who had suggested the breast enlargement surgery five years earlier. What a crazy world!


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