OT: Saw palmetto doesn’t work for BPH

OT: Saw palmetto doesn’t work for BPH

Posted on October 18, 2011

OK, guys – listen up.

Among middle-aged and older men, prostate issues are common.  Many men try a plant extract, known as Saw Palmetto, for these symptoms – it’s one of the most commonly used herbal non-prescription products in the U.S.

Unfortunately, a recent study in JAMA shows that it’s no better than placebo, at standard doses.  The study, a double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled randomized trial at 11 sites in North America, looked at symptoms in men aged 45 and up.  They tried several different dosing strengths for the Saw Palmetto tablets.

While there were few side effects, there was also no significant benefit seen for prostate-related symptoms in the Saw Palmetto group, using up to 3 x the standard dose, when symptoms were compared before and after treatment.

Conclusion:  Another myth – busted.  If you are having prostate issues – see your doctor.  Don’t waste your money on Saw palmetto.



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