Q&A: Which type of liposuction is the best?

Q&A: Which type of liposuction is the best?

Posted on March 17, 2011

I participate in a number of online question-and-answer boards about Plastic Surgery, including “Ask-a-Surgeon” from ASAPS and Realself.com

Today, this question came up: Is smart lipo/laser lipo better than traditional liposuction? What credentials should I be looking for in my doctor if I was interested in this procedure?

Here’s my answer: Getting good results in liposuction is not related to the machine used, it’s related to the surgeon who is using the machine! For example, if you had the paintbrush that formerly belonged to Leonardo da Vinci, would you suddenly paint a masterpiece? Probably not.

There are no scientific studies that have been able to show a significant improvement in results with laser-assisted liposuction, or water-jet liposuction, or any other type of liposuction. They all work about the same. The only difference is the tremendous marketing spin that has been applied to the laser machines by the companies that manufacture and sell them.

Find a board-certified plastic surgeon that does a lot of liposuction, and study their before and after photos. Have realistic expectations. Find out if your skin elasticity is suitable for the procedure ….remember, liposuction doesn’t predictably tighten skin.


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