Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Recovery

Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Recovery

Posted on January 25, 2018

Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Recovery | Orlando Plastic SurgeryNose surgery, clinically known as rhinoplasty, is an intricate cosmetic surgery procedure. The nature and extent of surgery can vary from one patient to another according to their nose anatomy and cosmetic needs. Therefore, the recovery process will also differ in each case.
Fiala Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Fiala, provides rhinoplasty and various other surgical procedures. During the initial consultation, Dr. Fiala will discuss all aspects of rhinoplasty, including its estimated recovery. He provides rhinoplasty to patients in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and surrounding communities.

Post-Operative Instructions

Success in rhinoplasty will depend to a significant extent on how closely the patient follows the instructions of the nose surgeon regarding recovery. Following these tips will also help to reduce discomfort during the recovery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.
  • Frequently use cold compresses to minimize swelling.
  • Rest sufficiently in the first week, but do short walks and light activities at home.
  • Avoid heavy lifting of weights and vigorous exercises for about four weeks.
  • Contact the surgeon if any abnormal symptoms such as acute pain in the incision area, high fever or pus in the wounds are noticed.


Initial Period of Recovery

Mild pain and discomfort around the treated area will be experienced for the first few days following nose cosmetic surgery. Some patients may also experience a dull headache for a brief period. Unless the patient suffers from an infection, severe pain may not occur. Pain medications prescribed by the plastic surgeon will keep the patient comfortable. Nasal congestion is a typical occurrence following a nose job because of the internal swelling in the nose.
The congestion will disappear as the swelling subsides over the next few weeks. Patients with a complaint of breathing difficulty through the nostrils prior to the surgery will most likely experience immediate relief despite the swelling. In some cases, the surgeon may prescribe sleep aid drugs, if the nasal congestion makes it difficult to sleep.
The patient should avoid blowing the nose until the surgeon allows it. The extent of post-operative bruising and swelling will also depend on what surgical technique was adopted for the procedure and how delicately the plastic surgeon handled the nasal tissue.

Final Stages of Recovery

A large part of the swelling will get resolved by the end of the third week after rhinoplasty. The patient will be able to notice visible improvements in the shape or size of the nose. However, more detailed outcomes will become noticeable only after about two months when nearly 90 percent of the swelling is gone.
During the initial few weeks, the nasal tip may feel a little numb, which can make the patient more self-conscious. More natural effects will appear with time, and a complete natural feeling about the nose will return. Results in case of rhinoplasty will last for many years, and may even be permanent in many cases.  
Fiala Aesthetics Plastic Surgery receives patients from Orlando, Altamonte Springs, FL, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.
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