Symmastia breast implant displacement problems

Symmastia breast implant displacement problems

Posted on September 10, 2023

Symmastia breast implant

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps many women achieve their desired breast size and shape. But, like with any surgery, there can be complications. One such complication is symmastia breast implant displacement, where the implants merge together and create a “uni-boob” appearance. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what symmastia is.


What is Symmastia Breast Implant Displacement?

Symmastia breast implant displacement is a condition in which breast implants move too close to each other, causing them to merge into one single breast. This condition is also known as “uni-boob” or “breadloafing” and can result in an unnatural-looking breast appearance. Symmastia is a rare complication of breast augmentation surgery but can occur in patients with certain anatomical features or those who have undergone multiple breast surgeries.


Symmastia breast implant displacement can occur for various reasons. One of the primary causes is the over-dissection of the implant pocket during breast augmentation surgery. This means that the space created for the implant is too large, allowing the implant to move freely and eventually merge with the other breast implant.

Another cause of symmastia is the use of implants that are too large for the patient’s chest wall or breast tissue. Implants that are too large can put too much pressure on the breast tissue, causing it to move towards the center of the chest and merge with the other breast implant.


The treatment of symmastia breast implant displacement depends on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, the use of a supportive bra may be enough to correct the problem. However, in more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

The surgical treatment involves the correction of the implant pocket and the placement of a supportive mesh or internal bra. This helps to keep the implants in place and prevent them from moving towards the center of the chest.

The Importance of Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Symmastia breast implant displacement is a rare complication of breast augmentation surgery, but it can occur in patients who have undergone the procedure. Therefore, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery is essential.

They have undergone rigorous training in plastic surgery and have met specific standards of education, training, and certification. They have the necessary skills and experience to perform breast augmentation surgery safely and effectively, reducing the risk of complications such as symmastia.


That’s all for now! If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, do your research and find a board certified plastic surgeon with the necessary skills and experience. And if you’re experiencing symmastia breast implant displacement, don’t worry – there are treatment options available, from a supportive bra to surgery. Just consult with your plastic surgeon to discuss the best course of action for your situation.

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