"Tickle" liposuction ? More questionable lipo marketing

"Tickle" liposuction ? More questionable lipo marketing

Posted on February 8, 2011
It seems that, every few months, there’s a new variation on our old friend, liposuction. This time, the latest phrase is “tickle liposuction”. (ed: I don’t know who comes up with these marketing terms, but really – tickle??)It’s just a variation on power-assisted liposuction (“PAL”), which has been around for years, and works great. Instead of the cannula moving back and forth by a few millimetters, as it does in PAL, in “tickle” liposuction, the cannula rotates through a small conical arc of motion, much like a spinning top that is slightly off balance.Everything else about the liposuction part is exactly the same as PAL.

  • Do I honestly expect “tickle lipo” to be any better than what we already have? No.
  • Is it FDA approved? Yes.
  • Is it safer? Unproven.
  • Is there less risk, faster recovery, and less bruising? Compared to what? Unproven
  • Does it tighten and smooth the skin? Doubtful
  • Does it give unbeatable results? Depends on the surgeon.

Remember: it’s not the gadget that makes for excellence in liposuction, it’s the surgeon, and their experience and care in performing the liposuction surgery.


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