VPSS: virtual plastic surgery software – review

VPSS: virtual plastic surgery software – review

Posted on October 16, 2011

According to its publisher, VPSS is a photo manipulation app that claims to simulate the high-priced photo-imaging software we often use in our Altamonte Springs plastic surgery practice.  It costs just $8.99, and is available for Windows, Mac and iPad.  It works on any photo you can upload to your computer or device.  Intrigued, I tried it out.
Essentially, there are only 3 imaging tools – “stretch”, “expand” and “shrink”, which can be applied to portions of the photo of your choice.  These changes can be undone, or erased.  There is no menu of plastic surgery operations to choose from – you have to creatively apply these tools to your photo, just as you might if you were using PhotoShop. The instructions do not guide you about how to best create images like the ones shown on the publisher’s website, either – but there is a brief video tutorial.  A lateral view photo with a quiet background seems to work best for contour changes.
If you want to try it, a free demo version is available for Windows systems.  Unfortunately, there is no free demo for Mac users.
I found the program to be quite basic and limited, and honestly, a disappointment, in terms of plastic surgery imaging.  It’s nowhere near the level of software that plastic surgeons use. You can get some basic ideas for surgical contouring with it – but discuss your imaging with your surgeon to see if it’s even remotely possible to achieve in real life.  It does work fairly well for quick photo retouching, as long as the user is subtle about the amount of changes made.
Rating:  2.5 out of 5 stars.  Not recommended for serious surgical imaging.

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